What You Need To Know About Your First Trip To Thailand

People say that the world is a book and those who don’t travel, read only one page. Wise words, right? Because in the end, it’s not about material belongings anymore, but about all the nice memories that you’ve gathered whilst travelling.

Thailand is among the places that I want to visit in the next year. I’ve heard a lot about this gorgeous country, did my research and I think that I am more than ready for this adventure. Thailand is a tourist friendly country with lots of luxury accommodations and thanks to the Thailand beach rentals, you can be sure that you won’t miss out on anything and you will have the trip of a lifetime.

Did I manage to catch your attention? Good, because this place is like Heaven on Earth and it’s so worth visiting, so grab a cup of coffee and read on, I’m quite sure that by the end of this article, you will be booking your trip to Thailand.

General Information

->  If you are looking for a place that has good weather all year round, then Thailand is your answer. Officially we find three seasons here: summer (March – June) when temperatures can go as high as 40 degrees, the rainy season (July – October) when you can expect heavy rains and a high humidity level and the cool season (November – February) when the climate is dry and the temperature is around 35 degrees. With that being said, I guess it’s easy to understand when it’s the best time to visit Thailand without having to worry that you will melt on the street.

->  Before you decide to book your holiday to Thailand, check the Thai Immigration Bureau and see if you need a visa. Some citizens don’t need one, some can receive one when they enter the country and some have to have it before they get there, so always check first!

->  The official currency is the Baht. You can find ATM machines at most banks and shopping centres throughout the city but in Thai Baht only.

->  When you pack for Thailand, keep in mind that this is a tropical country and you need to take with you all the loose clothes that you can get. When visiting temples, certain museums and the Grand Palace, remember to dress politely; shorts, singlets, spaghetti straps, skirts, tank-tops and open backed sandals are not acceptable.

-> I would consider taking from home any medicines that I know I might need while I stay there. The climate is so different and you don’t want to get sick on your holiday. Also, mosquito bites are annoying, but in Thailand, they are also dangerous, so take measures in order to avoid any health problems that might ruin your holiday.

Attractions in Thailand

1. Grand Palace in Bangkok

This majestic building is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. It was built in 1782 and it has been the home of the Thai King for about 150 years. Now the King doesn’t live in the palace anymore, but this place is still used to mark all kinds of other ceremonial and auspicious happenings. Within the palace complex, you can find the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) that dates back to the 14th century. This is the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand and it’s located in the centre of Bangkok. If you want to visit these places, you have to know that a strict dress code is required.

2. Floating Markets 

These coloured markets are a must see when you’re visiting Thailand. You can go on a special tour that will take you through the markets where you can interact with the locals, try the local cuisine and enjoy this unique experience.

3. Phang Nga Bay 

Phang Nga Bay is a unique place in the world, located in north east of Phuket. The distinctive features of Phang Nga Bay are the sheer limestone cliffs that jut vertically out of the emerald green water. Two of the most famous spots in this area are the James Bond Island and Koh Pannyi. If you want to enjoy the scenery and avoid the crowd, you can always take a boat tour that stops to each marvellous beach and enjoy yourself.

4. Similan Islands

The name Similian refers to the nine main islands in the group. The waters surrounding the Similans are packed with tropical fish, colourful corals, and offer exceptional underwater visibility. This gorgeous area was declared a Marine National Park in 1982. If you love diving, then you should totally check out this place!

5. Phi Phi Islands

 I think that if Heaven was a place on earth, it would be located here. These postcard islands are just 90 minutes away from Phuket and they offer the perfect tropical getaway. Still not convinced? Well, you have to know that there are plenty of activities to do here. You can visit the Bamboo Islands, go diving in the crystal clear water, check out the Viking Cave, go rock climbing, you name it. One thing is for sure, you won’t have time to get bored here.

6. Thailand Nightlife

If the gorgeous beaches and the majestic temples are not enough, Thailand has also an amazing nightlife. You have a multitude of bars and clubs to choose from.

Thailand is a wonderful place with friendly people, heavenly beaches, it’s packed with culture, it has an amazing night life and great food. So you should definitely consider this versatile country for your next trip, I’m more than sure that you won’t regret it.


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