Gift ideas for the holidays: Berlin City Break

The holiday season is just around the corner and everybody is making lists with gift ideas for their loved ones. Nothing strange here, just that I have something else in mind for this year. Why? Because it’s something really unexpected and I think it would be the best gift ever, a gift that my husband and I will remember forever.

Ok, I think I kept you in suspense enough. This year, I’m planning to surprise my husband with a Berlin city break for Christmas. We haven’t had a trip in quite a while and what better time to go than Christmas. Why a city break? Well, these days free time has become quite a luxury, so a city break comes like a breath of fresh air. This is the perfect way to relax and have fun, without spending an excessive amount of money and taking time off work.

Because a city break is short-term, you can take advantage of the last-minute deals and make this trip as budget-friendly as you like. For the latest deals and top destinations, you can always take a look at Holiday Gems and check their latest offers. Why Berlin? Well, I searched the site and I found a great deal for Berlin and I just could not say no. Plus, it’s a city that I’ve always wanted to see, so I’m super excited about it.

I’ve never been on a holiday for Christmas, so I think this trip will be quite magical. I think that Berlin has a bit of something for everyone. It’s a city with a fascinating history, but it also has a modern vibe with mixed influences from all across the world.

Of course, I did my homework and I put together a list of places that I want to visit while we’ll be there. First of all, I want to visit the Christmas Market. Germany is well known for its gorgeous Christmas markets and I really want to see one. Other landmarks that I want to see are Brandenburg Gate (the iconic landmark of new Germany), Tv Tower (the tallest building in Germany), Checkpoint Charlie, Holocaust Memorial, East Side Gallery (a colorful section of the Berlin wall and the largest outside gallery in the world).

Of course, I can’t go to visit Berlin without thinking about doing some serious shopping. I did my homework very good regarding this matter and I know the best places to shop are Kurfurstendamm (KaDeWE) and Friedrichstrasse.

If you already visited Berlin, I would be grateful for every tip that you can give me. I want to make the most out of this trip and I’m confident that with your help I can achieve that, so don’t be shy and leave a comment!

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