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Upscale Your Home, Upscale Your Decor

There’s nothing like the feeling of finally being able to climb the property ladder and purchasing a large home in the vicinity of a metropole but yet in the countryside. It’s a feeling of victory for all homeowners. Except that the victory can leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Big homes require a bit of getting used to, especially if you’re switching from a small shoebox townhome to a villa with a garden on the outskirt of town. It’s great to have so much room. But space can easily feel overwhelming if you’re not prepared for it. Besides your shoebox decor doesn’t work anymore. You need to upscale your interior to match your spacious house.

You can’t find your style in a magazine
Do you remember that time when you thought that space was all you needed to turn your small home into a home sweet home? When you upscale, space is the first thing, you notice. The second is that you can’t follow the advice from interior design magazines to create a homely feel. When you’ve got so much space to play with, you need to make sure that it reflects your personality instead of forcing the design of someone else. With a big home, it’s important to inhabit the space and make it yours by adding your style, your hobbies and your colors to the mix.


Ditch your old student furniture
Yes, we get it: you’ve kept your old student furniture because they were small enough to fit in your first home. The small bed sofa that could turn your living room into a guest room has no purpose anymore in a big home. You need to upscale your furniture according, with ttMall lounge suites or even custom-made pieces to fill up the room and create a cozy space. You can use luxury design furniture as a central decor piece to set the ambiance.


Divide the space visually
What is the room is so vast that it becomes awkward? Large rooms can pose decor challenges as they can make everything appear small and weak if you don’t sort your interior division. In a large living room, for instance, you can create different zones by grouping items of furniture together. You can set a conversation zone, a media zone, a dining zone, etc. One room can have multiple functions, and using elements of the decor as separator means that you can create elegant boundaries.


Missing a friendly presence?
Does space continue to feel too big for you? How about inviting a furry friend to help you turn emptiness into coziness? There’s nothing like an excited puppy or kitten running around to transform your big house into a large home immediately. Besides, you can even arrange for a playroom for your pet, so that’s one less room to worry about. However, make sure that you can house train your new friend soon, as you wouldn’t want your new decor to be covered in claws and teeth marks!


A large home needs a different approach to your usual decor. It’s not a matter of making sure that everything fits! It’s about filling the rooms with warmth and personality instead!


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