Why are Brits moving abroad?

 One of my biggest hobbies is photography and thanks to this hobby I got to see the British scenery very often and let me tell you, it’s breathtaking! We’ve got a gorgeous country, but the latest stats show that a significant number of Brits are opting to move abroad if they would get the perfect opportunity.

 Actually, a recent survey made by HouseBuyFast has shown that more than 70% of people would prefer to move abroad if they could. Of course, that made me wonder, why would people want to do that? I mean, leaving all your friends and family and your home country for the unknown, is it worth it? I cannot answer this question, but I can only think of the reasons that make people consider moving and I think I might know a few.

The weather plays a major role when Brits are considering moving abroad. Sure, this is not the main reason, but it’s still important. I mean, we all know our weather, you can’t actually say that you can have a picnic or a stroll on the beach because the rain comes immediately and the day is ruined. We don’t have a summer like in Spain or in Australia, countries that are very loved because of their lovely weather almost all year round.

The main reason that someone will have to move to another country has to be in my opinion the desire for a better lifestyle. Other countries have different working hours, different taxes and maybe better paychecks than in the UK, so it’s not difficult to understand why someone will not even think twice and move as soon as possible. Plus, in other countries, the houses are much cheaper than in Britain, so add that to a better lifestyle and you’re quite set!

Now, this reason, better lifestyle, is one that I would personally take into consideration because I am overprotective of my family and I always think of safety. We all know that especially in the big cities the rate of crime has gone up and that’s worrying. Everybody want to live in peace and harmony and if you can’t do that in your own country, then you have to look for better alternatives. Of course, this is just a thought because I also think leaving is not always the solution.

To sum it up, I think that each individual has its own reasons to move abroad. Some move because of the weather, some because they want a better job or some because safety and lifestyle seem better abroad. But the question remains, is your new life worth what you’re leaving behind; visiting family and friends during the weekend, weekly sport, having a beer in your favorite pub……… moving abroad is a big change in your life. Be sure you are ready for it or don’t do it. Your life in England is not that bad at all, remember that!

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