4 Legal Issues Commonly Faced In Case Of A Divorce

Marriage, a wonderful bond between two people, has the potential to turn into the worst dissolution of all in just a moment with just a flick of a finger. Initially, marriage is between two loving people, but when it comes to divorce, it influences the children conceived in a family as well. These children are then affected mentally, emotionally and physically. Since mothers care the most for their children it affects them too and this is precisely why being a Single Mom is so tough. It’s not just the emotional elements single mothers also have to go through legal issues so here are some legal issues that single moms might have to face.

Physical Custody
Physical custody is the first and perhaps the most commonly experienced legal issue that single moms have to face. The decision here is usually made based on the advantages that a child may have. It also depends on the location and proximity of schools and other similar things. Like whether the school of your child is closer to your house or the father’s.
Legal Custody
Legal custody is all about having more power and authority on the child. It’s a tough war between parents especially if they really love their children a lot. For this, many things about the past and lifestyle of parents are considered. This also includes criminal records and other things such as drunk driving, etc. For such issues, the better the lawyer the more the chances of you winning. Prime Lawyers is a law firm that deals with such matters and consulting them may prove to be prudent if you find yourself in such a scenario. Most people mix it up with physical custody, but both are different. Legal custody is more related to deciding the parent making decisions for the child. In some cases, both parents can get legal custody and that’s called joint legal custody.
Now, this precise word may make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Because being divorced and still having to interact with the person you separated with is difficult. It’s a tough pill to swallow but people do it for their children. The silver lining in this cloudy situation is that you get to make co-parenting plans and this helps you both to figure out a mechanism or a strategy to co-exist together and get along just for your child. It has worked for many people and we believe that it will work for you too.
Parental Alienation Syndrome

This is one of the more prominent legal issues that are faced by single moms. Due to your divorce, the children may start acting out. This makes many women distressed. Now, this situation is difficult but you shouldn’t be taking your child’s resentment too personally. This is because, in reality, it’s not about you. Kids learn with age and patience is the best policy in such matters. All you can do is to make effort to keep everyone happy and it will be a win-win situation for all.

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