Apps your children should definitely not be using!

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The latest advancements in Technology has made the whole parenting experience a double-edged in 21st century.sNo matter how careful you are, you children will always find something against you and when you try to explain things, they will busy themselves in their smartphone. This is where things get difficult as there are all sort of things that your kids can connect to through their cellular devices. There are apps that can cast a bad influence on them and take their innocence forever.

Being a parent, it’s your foremost responsibility to protect your kids from any creep that could find a way into your kids’ privacy and harm them. So, let’s consider some of the most popular social media apps that may seem innocent, but are consistently abused by cyber villains.
The nice app with loads of funny filters and media sharing. Snapchat allows you to send a photo or short video from your phone and decide the duration of its online life. The app is now using GPS and showing the location of the users on a map. This can make your kids very easy to find by any predator.
This app is developed for spreading secrets and rumors. It allows people to make confessions while being anonymous. The app also uses GPS location so users of this app can connect to any other user nearby. Now imagine your kid revealing their secrets online and some cyber predator able to track them.
Kik Messenger:
Kik is an instant messaging app that makes chat messaging more engaging. It’s like WhatsApp and allows people to exchange pics, videos, and sketches. That’s not all. They can also share YouTube videos and develop digital gifs and memes. The app lacks age verification and allows children to send and receive private messages which their parents can’t see. This app is known to be used for many vulgar acts and sharing of obscene pics and videos. Much worse is the case that the term “sext buddy” has actually been replaced with “kick buddy”.
Yik Yak
Also known as “Twitter meets Reddit” app, Yik Yak allows people to post the text of up to 200 characters and share it with users that are within 500 meters. The location of the sender is determined by GPS tracking. Since all these messages have no filter, users are exposed to sexual content, personal attacks, and even profanity.
This app allows people to video chat with random strangers anonymously. Using Omegle, you don’t have to identify yourself. So what happens when your children are video chatting with totally random strangers? Is there any need to say anything else?
The popular dating app that allows you to hook up with total strangers. This app also uses GPS location tracker to show other Tinder users living close to you. It is commonly used by tweens and teens and can be dangerous by many means. There is a high chance of meeting a scammer or a creep and even adults are known to have been fooled through this app.


There are many ways of keeping your children safe from all these things and the best among them is to use encryption tools and services such as VPNs R Us to protect your kids’ online privacy.

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