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Four of the best Italian landmarks for your adventure holiday

italian landmarks
Italy provides the perfect destination for those who love to do nothing more than get stuck into the outdoors on an adventure holiday. There’s a whole lot of pasta, pizza and gelato to be eaten, that’s for sure, but there are also so many beautiful landscapes to explore. For skiers and walkers, the country’s high mountain ranges are just the ticket, and swimmers would be more than happy by the glorious coast. Here are some of the best ways to explore the amazing Italian landmarks.

The Dolomites

To the north of Italy, you have the Dolomites, which are some of the spikiest mountains on the Continent but are particularly spectacular because of this. Hiking trails are well marked out and a joy in the summer months when you can take advantage of the long and dry days to tackle some longer, more challenging routes. What’s more, the clear air, amazing panoramic views and the wildlife make the climbs even more rewarding. Just think of the amazing pasta you can gorge yourself on at the end, too.


The Aeolian Islands

These minute islands north of Sicily are surrounded by warm waters where the diving is truly spectacular. Try snorkeling at Capo Grillo to see the rocky coves dotted with anemones, octopuses and parrot fish, or Capo Testa Grossa for the red cherry shrimp. For those who dive further down and explore the seabed peppered with sea grottoes and the remnants of old volcanoes, there are amazing sights to be seen. Prefer not to get your feet wet? The sights on land and across islands and make this area a must-visit.


The Piedmont Alps

At the border of France and Italy, the Piedmont Alps (which means ‘foot of the mountains’, giving an indication of the potential climbs to be tackled) are fantastic to explore by bike. Maybe you’d like time to make your way leisurely from town to town, stopping off at castles and vineyards on the way, well, it’s possible here. If you’re a thrill-seeking mountain biker, there’s plenty for you to explore: try San Remo for lots of exhilarating descents in an amazing setting.


The Apennines

Step away from the Italian coastline and you’ll discover a world of natural pools, rivers and lakes just crying out to swim in. But the crowds are far, far away because this is a relatively peaceful area of the country which makes it the perfect destination for a peaceful trip where you can still surround yourself with nature.

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