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How You Can Keep Your Gardening Spark Alight this Winter


When the cold weather sets in, it can become much more difficult to enjoy carrying out certain gardening tasks. With the wet conditions and freezing temperatures, there’s not much motivation to get you to go out into the wind and rain to trim back the hedges or cut the grass. There are, however, certain gardening tasks that do need to be carried out throughout winter, with many ways to keep your gardening projects fresh and fun. Continue reading to find out how you can keep your hobby going throughout winter and ensure that gardening spark doesn’t fade!

Fertilise the Grass
Whether you have a beautiful back garden with a huge lawn, or you have a smaller section adding character to the front of your house, after a summer filled with BBQ’s, water fights, ball games and sun loungers, you’ll find that the grass in your garden has started to go slightly dull and lifeless. You want your grass to be healthy and strong, with a beautiful green colour that adds to the overall look of your garden. To eliminate any dark, dead patches of grass and simply bring the life back to the area, you should fertilise the area during the wintertime. By fertilising the lawn at the time of the year, you’re able to prepare it properly for the summer months ahead and ensure it’s in the best condition for the warmer weather. This will make spending time in the garden much more enjoyable, whilst also adding to the overall look of your home.
Try Greenhouse Gardening
If you’re the lucky owner of a greenhouse or cold frame, then you have the benefit of being able to grow plants all year around. Whilst there are certain plants that flourish in the winter and are perfect for the garden, there are certain limitations that having a greenhouse helps to eliminate. If you decide to grow some of your favourite plants in your greenhouse throughout the winter, all you need to do is introduce a paraffin heater to ensure the space is kept to a certain temperature consistently, helping your plants to grow to the best of their ability. You’ll see the plants reaching their full potential which in turn will be really rewarding further down the line. Similarly, once you begin to grow your favourite plants in your greenhouse, you’ll be able to continue working on your gardening skills and ensure you don’t forget how to do things or become detached from your interests. It’s often found that many people can lose their gardening spark when the winter comes, which isn’t ideal when you find yourself enjoying it so much throughout the summertime.
Care for Wildlife


There are always ways to care for the nature and wildlife within your garden, and the wintertime is the best time to do so. Throughout summer, you often see people putting out bird feed, scattering food scraps on the lawn and positioning a bowl of milk or water by the back door for certain animals to enjoy, but once the cold weather kicks in it’s all forgotten about until next year. Winter is a difficult time for many wildlife creatures, especially when it comes to keeping their homes strong and not being scooped up into a compost heap or getting caught in rake trawling through a pile of leaves. To help care for the wildlife in your garden, you can carry out small but beneficial tasks such as filling the bird feeder daily, to ensure no ice or snow will prevent them from feeding, be extremely cautious when raking up leaves or standing on larger piles, and leave left over food, including cat or dog food, outside to provide some tasty food for certain animals that enter your garden on a regular basis.

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