Top Accessories for a Casino Themed New Year’ Party

casino party


The party season’s in full swing!


If you’re planning a New Year’s bash to impress friends and family, look no further. If you opt for a glamorous casino theme, get ready to host a shin-dig your guest will be talking about all year long.


From authentic gambling equipment, down to a humble 52-card deck, we know the top accessories you need to pull off the ultimate casino party. . .

1)   The red carpet


If you want your event to showcase the same glitz as the top casinos in Vegas, Monte Carlo and the like, a red carpet is a must. Rent one and roll it out to give your guests a glamorous welcome inside your showy event. Or if your purse strings are a little tight at this time of year, buy a budget-friendly red runner from for only £2.99.
Just remember to practice your red-carpet walk before the big night.


2)   ‘Welcome to Vegas’ sign


With the red carpet sorted, make sure your party goers know exactly what they’re letting themselves in for from the moment they step through the door with an iconic ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign. You’ll find some available for hire from various party shops. Alternatively, get crafty with giant marker pens – and plenty of glitter – to create your own!


3)   Slot machine


Now you’ve got the big entrance sorted, it’s time to focus on the night’s entertainment.
What casino party would be complete without the ringing bells and flashing lights of a classic fruit machine? You’ll find plenty of full-sized machines up for hire online, most of which come with their own coins. Line your guest pockets with tokens on their way in and let them spin the night away.


4)   Roulette wheel


But don’t let the excitement end at the slots.
Once you’ve got the fruity ordered, next job on the list is to book a roulette wheel. Again, most of them available for event hire and come with fun money as well as all the equipment you need to fill your venue with that authentic casino vibe.


At the end of the night, it’s always fun to find out which of your guests has been the luckiest.


5)   Shot roulette drinking game


Most of us have ‘drink less’ high on our list of New Year’s resolutions.
But before the clock strikes midnight, let’s get everyone in the party spirit with a shot roulette drinking game. Fashioned to look just like a real roulette wheel, and widely available for less than £10, load it up with 16 shots and watch as daring guests give it a whirl. It’s sure to be a party-pleaser.


6)   Music


No celebration is complete without music.
All the top casinos across the world hand-pick the tunes they play to maximise the casino experience. So, for your own casino bash, pick out a playlist that’s equally upbeat, glamorous and exciting. There are no real limitations on what could work, but glitzy movie soundtracks, funky electro, or pulsing pop tunes are a good shout.


7)   Decks of cards


Lastly, stock up on decks of playing cards for a versatile (and cheap!) party accessory. Write on them to create table name tags, or scatter packs about the room and watch as guests spark up their own games. You can even print out game rules, to give your guest some fun ideas.
So that’s the party-planning under control. All that’s left to do is write up those invites and sort a show-stopping outfit. And if you want to brush up on your skills before the big event, you can always try your luck playing casino games online.


Happy New Year!

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