Top Places in Mumbai for Celebrity Spotting

Bollywood is the first name that knocks the mind when we utter the name of Mumbai. It is the place where film-stars and film-makers of Bollywood reside. And, this is the reason Mumbai is the heart-throb of all hard-core fans of Bollywood. If you have ever dreamt of rubbing shoulder with a celebrity or take a selfie with your favorite star, then check the Mumbai hotels list immediately and get ready to begin your hunt.

We are telling you exactly where to go to meet celebrities of the silver screen in person.
Olive Bar and Kitchen, Bandra
Olive is the famous restaurant cum bar located in Bandra. This is a really nice place to dine and hang-out, but it is known better because of frequent visits of celebrities. You might have guessed that this is a very expensive place. Only people of affluence can afford to visit this expensive place, and so celebrities find it safer to visit it. However, many hardcore fans wait outside the place to have a glimpse of stars without burning a big hole in their pocket.
Hey if you visit the Olive do not forget to visit Mannat, the residential building of SRK. Any Bollywood fan who is anywhere near Bandra gives a visit to Mannat, where SRK is often seen waving at fans from the balcony.
Hotel JW Mariott
This is not just a hotel it is the biggest meeting and party venue of Bollywood. This hotel has witnessed numerous million dollar deals of Bollywood. This is the place that has been used for some of the biggest parties of celebrities. If you can afford why not book a roompub. If you get lucky and there’s a party you might end up meeting almost all big stars of Bollywood.
Film City
This is the cheapest and perhaps the best option for spotting celebrities at work. It has become a common notion among the general public that most of the films are shot at outdoor locations. But, it is a fact that a sizeable amount of almost all Bollywood movies are shot in the Film City, Goregaon. So, whenever you visit the place, you can get to see one or the other movie being shot. You can also opt for the 2-hour guided tour to the film city for seeing all hot nooks and corners of the place.
PVR Cinemas, Juhu
If you think only non-celebrities are the one catching up on latest Bollywood release, then you are absolutely wrong. The Bollywood celebrities too like and see Bollywood movies just like any other Bollywood-fan. Head towards the golden screen of PVR Juhu, and you might get a rush of adrenaline after seeing any Bollywood hero or heroine sitting right next to you.  
Aer, Four Seasons, Worli
Aer is a modern terrace bar situated in Worli, Mumbai. You can enjoy the stunning sea-shore views while sipping your drink from this place. If you carry a little luck with you, then you will not only enjoy the stunning views but will also get to see some celebrities. This place is one of the most popular terrace bars among some of the Bollywood celebrities. Visiting the place is a win-win gamble; you can spend a nice time here even if you fail to spot a celebrity.  
Don’t forget to take your fully-charged mobile phone while visiting these places. Obviously, you won’t like missing the chance of taking a selfie with a celebrity and flaunting it on your Facebook and Instagram. Visit these places with full preparedness.

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