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Effortless gardening tips

effortless gardening tips

When you want to enjoy your outdoor space to the maximum, but you’re not the most skilled person when it comes to gardening, you might think that you have a problem. You don’t! There are actually a lot of ways to spruce up your garden without too much work and effort and then enjoy it to the max.

Now I got your attention? Good, because I’m also in your situation you know, I’m the worst when it comes to taking care of a garden, but I did find a lot of solutions and I will share them with you. So grab a cup of tea and let’s see what we can do to give our gardens a well-deserved makeover.

Clean it up

The first thing that you need to do is clean up your garden of all the old stuff that you might have and of all the leaves and dead plants. If you look at it when it’s clean, you can have a better picture of how it should look once you give it a makeover.

Keep it simple

You know what they say, less is more, so try to keep your new garden design simple and practical. You can always consult a specialist in this matter, but if you have a clear idea of how you want your garden to look like, you can do it yourself.

Choose artificial grass

Now, I have two children and two pets, so I wanted a garden in which my kids can play and enjoy the outdoors in the best way possible. That’s when fake grass came into the picture. Fake grass looks good, feels good and it’s easy to maintain.

This grass is very practical and it’s ideal if you want to enjoy a green garden without having to cut the lawn or pick up weeds all the time. It’s also enviromental friendly and much more cheaper than actual grass.

Go for stone

One of the biggest areas of upkeep when it comes to your garden is going to be the grass. In the summer, grass can grow at an exceptional speed, meaning that you may need to mow your lawn weekly if you want to keep it looking great.

But this can go against the idea of running a low-maintenance garden. So, instead, you may want to scrap the idea of having grass altogether and work with a larger patio area or a charming courtyard if your outside space is relatively small.

Pick your plants carefully

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I am not a good gardener and that’s why in my garden you can find only plants that don’t need too much care, none actually. I went for lavender, which looks fantastic and smells amazing. Azaleas are also a good option because they look good and they don’t require special attention.

The list can go on, but I only went for these two, I want to use my garden mostly as a playground for my kids, so I kept plants to the minimum.

Work With Stone

Finally, if you want something really stunning and still low-maintenance, you should think about the ways in which you can incorporate stone into your garden design. Whether you opt for a rock garden, or you go with a modern design using different decorative stones as the base, you will find that stone is very easy to maintain but can still give you the effect of creating a stunning outside space.

These are just a few tips I took into consideration for my garden makeover. If you have other tips for me, don’t be shy and share them below, that way we can all enjoy a gorgeous garden this summer!

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