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Everything You Need To Know About Designing The Perfect Games Room

how to have the perfect game room

If you have additional space in your home, choosing what to do about it can prove to be a tricky predicament. Do you do the sensible thing and add an additional spare room? Should you create a study so that you can work from home as and when you need to?

There are many options worth considering but deep down, most of us know what we would really like to do with a room that has no definite use or requirement… and that’s to make it the ultimate games room!

While an entertainment room is supposed to be a great place to unwind, designing such a room can be anything but entertaining.

But don’t worry, we have you covered and you’ll be kicking back with some friends playing some games in no time. Follow these simple suggestions and you’ll be having a steady flow of friends to your house on the weekends sooner than you think.

Plan space usage:

Before you start thinking about what colour to paint your walls, make sure that you have a clear idea about how you’re going to utilize all the space available to you. Think of all necessary requirements in this room and how you’re going to get everything you need in there.

There are various software options available online that can help you analyse your room digitally. They allow you to visualise how your room will look before you’ve even gotten round to buying the wallpaper! This way, you can easily experiment and work out what look will suit the room best.

For example, placing a game table right in centre of the room may be an ideal choice instead of placing it in the corner. You can always seek suggestions from your friends, siblings or spouse who you may be battling to get custody of the room with.

Set a theme:

Picking a particular theme and running with it will make your task of selecting furniture a lot easier. This gives you the chance to add a fun, sociable vibe to your room, which most of your guests will notice and appreciate.

Once you finalize your theme, you can decide on your décor and start selecting furniture.

Comfort is the Key:

In your eagerness to design a playful and fun games room, do not forget that comfort is one of the key elements of any room you want to spend large amounts of time in. There are different ways to make your games room feel comfortable as every individual has a different comfort level.

For instance, some people prefer to keep vibrant coloured cushions on their sofa for a comfortable sitting posture. Many people also miss out on the fact that the temperature of the room has an impact on the overall comfort level. You can install designer radiators to ensure that the room has a comfortable temperature all through the day.

You can also use bean bags instead of a sofa for your games room. Cup holders affixed to whatever seating arrangement you choose is also a good idea and it goes down like a treat with all guests.

Out of the box:

This is one space where you have the freedom to choose a theme and design of your choice. So, don’t hesitate in letting your imagination run wild when deciding what theme you’d like to use.

If you hire a designer, ask them for some abstract suggestions. You may find yourself being pleasantly surprised at what you like. You can also accessorise your room with unusual items that give a unique touch to the room.

For instance, if you love travelling then you can choose a beautiful world map, which highlights your favourite cities as a wallpaper, and it can also include images to the places you have already been to.

A safe environment:

Lights can enhance the overall look of your room. When it comes to lighting options, it is important to ensure that they are safe to install and use. Cheap lighting can start electrical fires in your perfectly designed game room, so it’s best to avoid them if you want to keep your games room and house in tact!

To get the perfect ambiance, make sure that your lighting blends perfectly with everything else that is going on in your room.

For instance, if you are watching a movie, you don’t need a lot of lights, so install lights that suit your functionality. On the other hand, if your games room has a pool table, you will need a lot of light so that you can perfect the perfect shot.

Invest in the right furniture:

Every room has a different type of functionality and therefore, the type of furniture suited for a particular room also varies accordingly. When it comes to a games room, choosing the right furniture is very important.

Obviously, you cannot just dump a huge sofa in the middle of the room, as it will consume a lot of space. However, what you can do is search for a mid-sized or small comfortable couch that ensures optimum space utilization.

Novelty chair options such as egg-shaped or snuggle chairs can add a fun and relaxing vibe to your room, which will no doubt encourage you to spend more time in it.


You do not want the neighbours gatecrashing your mini-party in the middle of the night because you’re keeping them awake. To avoid this awkward situation, it is definitely a great idea to install soundproofing.

Soundproofing also gives you much-needed privacy as other family members will be able to read a book or watch the TV in peace whilst you enjoy yourself in your new favorite place.


A games room wouldn’t be a games room without the scoreboard, would it? You and your friends will need access to bragging rights as and when they are earned, so the obvious thing to purchase for your games room is of course, that all-important score-board.

Remembering your score during a long game can be a particularly difficult task when beers are involved.

So with that in mind, the only thing left to decide is exactly what games you intend to host? Will you be thrashing your mates at FIFA or getting your competitive juices flowing with Mario Kart? The decision is all yours…

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