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Four tips to redecorate your room

redecorate your room

When the time comes to give your bedroom a little makeover, it is normal to wonder where the best place is to start. On top of that, our next thought is likely to cost. Luckily, you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to make your bedroom look stylishly brand new. This post gives you some tips to achieve a bedroom that looks newly renovated without spending a small fortune.

Add layers

Layering is the oldest trick in the book to making your room look and feel professionally designed. From blankets and cushions to rugs, there are plenty of ways to make your room feel better styled. These layers are perfect for the winter, as they add that touch of cosiness that can make coming home from a long day all the more worth it.

In the summer, try layering lighter materials to achieve a more fresh and airy atmosphere. When choosing blankets, try to look for something with more neutral colours as these are far easier to work in to existing and future design schemes. When it comes to rugs, look to thicker pile rugs such as shaggy rugs for that added comfort. Their fluffy texture brings not only depth, but warmth too thanks to its insulating properties.


To start with, you should try and have your bedroom as the room in your house that has to most access to natural light. It is proven that natural light improves your mood, keeps you healthy and increases your quality of sleep. Of course, we know this is not always possible, so for artificial light we recommend a ceiling light. This will be the main source of light in the bedroom, but in order to create a bit of atmosphere you could play with bulb shades, fair lights or candles for a more atmospheric look.

Colours and mirrors

If your bedroom is small, you need to choose light tones to make it look larger. We’re not just talking about walls and floors, we’re also talking about your bedding. The bed is the focal point in your bedroom so the colours of the bedding will clearly determine the aspect of the room. Nowadays, you can’t find great pieces of bedding for not very much money, so it will be easy to find something you like. When you’re next picking up your weekly food shop, why not check out the home accessories isle, you’ll be surprised the amount of affordable yet stylish pieces you can get.


You might think that flooring is a huge expense, but there are actually floors out there that can transform your home without having to break the bank. Laminate flooring is a stunning alternative to wood and just as good as the real thing. Besides being cheaper, it is actually far more practical than solid or even engineered wood floors.

Laminate is made of synthetic layers that make it possible for the floor to withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations. One of the key selling points to laminate floors is their water resistant properties. No need to worry about those odd spills and leaks, laminate floors can take it. This also makes cleaning a breeze as a regular mop, hoover and mop is all that is needed to keep this floor as good as new.

This floor is perfect when you are looking to redecorate your bedroom without having to expense too much. It comes in a wide range of species and shades, so you will have some flexibility even if you are looking to give a niche style to the room.

So there you have it, some tips that will help you in redecorating your bedroom. Ultimately, what matters is that your bedroom is in keeping with your personal theme and style.

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