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Benefits of Engineered Flooring in your home

Benefits of Engineered Flooring

Any hardwood floor can add timeless appeal to your home and be a great investment too. Engineered flooring is a great alternative to solid wood flooring with many more benefits. However, if you’re not familiar with this type of flooring, it can be hard to commit to something so long-term and potentially costly. Once you understand the pros of it, you’ll agree that it’s a very worthwhile consideration and a great alternative to another flooring that you may be familiar with.

What exactly is engineered flooring?

High specifications of engineered flooring are made up of layers of hardwood which are constructed in a tight cross-layer structure, also called plywood. This is then topped with a thick layer of hardwood which can be treated with varnishes, treatments and oils to achieve the desired finish.

Engineered flooring also comes in a variety of thickness. This is so the flooring is can be used in a variety of circumstances without awkward transitions between different flooring materials.

This particular type of flooring is a great long-term investment for adding value to your property. Due to its durability, aesthetic qualities and durability, properties that are fitted with hardwood flooring are valued at a higher price on the market than those properties with carpet or laminate flooring.

Potential buyers will be intrigued by the elegance and luxurious qualities of the flooring, lifespan and the ability to be able to sand and refinish when wear and tear become apparent.

Real wood has a unique grain and genuine texture that add character to all types of properties. On top of the quality of appearance, engineered flooring can be re-sanded and finished with aversions oils and waxes. No matter how much the manufacturers of laminate try, they cannot mirror the image or quality of hardwood flooring.

We’ll never be able to stop friends spilling drinks, kids creating mess or people wearing shoes through the house, no matter how much we try. Unlike carpets, spills and stains can quickly and easily be removed from a well treated, good quality hardwood floor with a mop or brush.

Everyone knows the pain of trying to get pet hair out of a carpet and how often you have to stop to empty the vacuum cleaner. With engineered flooring, you don’t need anything other than a dustpan and brush or a just a soft-bristled vacuum attachment to get rid of that pesky pet hair.

Depending on the thickness and the type of wood that you go for, engineered flooring can last years, generations even, if cared for properly. Carpets and laminate flooring have a guarantee and lifespan of approximately 10 years, making engineered flooring a very cost effective purchase as you’ll more than likely never have to replace it.

From traditional cottages to luxurious townhouses, the added characteristics of an engineered floor cannot be disputed. They’re a long-lasting, cost-effective investment that comes with a guarantee of style.


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