What Does Your Hometown Say About Your Personality?

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The person you are today is a result of a lifetime of experiences and your DNA. While there is still a lot of debate about how much we inherit from our parents and how much we learn through experience, it’s clear that our surroundings and the people we grow up with have a profound effect on our personality.

Most of us don’t consider how the place that we live in now, or the place that we grew up in has impacted on our personality but the truth is, it shapes you more than you’d realize. These are just some of the ways that your hometown made you who you are today.

The Way That You Talk

You’ll notice when you’re traveling around the country that every place has their own accents and colloquialisms that only they use. Even versions of popular British sayings are slightly different from place to place, with each community having their own twist on it.

Check out this list of 10 Bizarre English Sayings and What They Mean to see just where those colloquialisms come from. Even if you don’t think you have an accent, you probably do. You might not pick up on it but others will be able to recognize where you come from by the way that you pronounce things as well as the specific words and phrases from your hometown that you use.

Your Beliefs And Values

Your views about the world are shaped by so many different influences. When you’re younger, your parents are your moral yardstick and you’re likely to have the same sensibilities as they do. But when you start to get older and explore the world for yourself, you’ll start to change those ideals through the influence of friends and life experience.

One of the most drastic changes in a person’s beliefs and values often come when they move to a different town or city, particularly if you’re moving from a rural area into an urban one. People living in rural areas are often more likely to have conservative views, whereas people in larger, urban areas are more likely to have liberal beliefs.

Your Attitude To Money

The way that you think about money is another big symptom of the place that you grew up. If you come from a very wealthy background and everybody in the area has plenty of money, you’re less likely to worry about financial issues. But if you’ve grown up in an area of the city where people are struggling financially, that will have an impact on you. When you get older, you’re more likely to understand the value of money and be a lot more sensible with your own.

Your Stress Levels

Mental health problems are often brought on by a hectic lifestyle and excess stress levels. The place that you’re living can have a big effect on those factors. People that are living in a big city are more likely to have a high-stress job and a packed schedule that involves working long hours. The overall pace of life in a larger city can also be a trigger for stress-related problems. Whereas, people that live a slower pace of life in rural areas are less likely to suffer from extreme stress.

The place that you live and work makes a huge difference to your personality so it’s worth considering carefully if you want to move and ask yourself all the right questions before you decide to make such a huge step.

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