From Family Fun In Florida To California Dreaming: Why You Should Head Stateside This Summer

us holiday

Booking your next family holiday can be a lot of fun. When you know that you want to be able to go on a nice break and enjoy incredible weather, it’s easy to think about visiting the coastline of your favorite European country. However, there’s only so many times that you can see the same views and eat the same kinds of cuisine. Sometimes, it can be nice to make a change and head somewhere different on your family holiday. Long haul holidays always offer you that. But when you have kids, you can’t always jet off to the destinations that you want to see. You have to make sure that there’s something for you to offer them too. So this is why you definitely want to head stateside this summer.

The Weather

When you’re heading to the sunshine state or even further east to Florida, you’ll always get some great weather. And this can often be the best selling feature for you. If you want to be able to take in the warmth and the sunshine and enjoy brighter days, then going to the USA is a sure fire way to do that. Sure, these states can have storms, but they’re often few and far between. Head to California in August or September for the best weather, and try out Florida in May or November if you want to avoid the rain.

The Resorts

Next up, another key selling feature is the places to stay. Because there’s no shortage of great resorts out here. From the Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club in Miami to the Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach, pick a place that has it all. When you know that you’ve got the beach, the pool, spa and sporting facilities, you know that everyone in the family is going to be looked after when you’re away.

The Excitement

And, of course, when you’re going to America, there’s always excitement. For the kids, if you’re thinking of going to Florida, you have the Walt Disney Resort for them to look forward to. And in California, there’s the Universal Studios Hollywood to try out too. So there’s a lot of great attractions that can take your fancy when you’re in the USA.

The Food

If you all love to eat, then you know that you’re going to eat big when you’re in America. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to eat badly. Of course, you can try out the American classics, but there are plenty of great Malibu Restaurants and hot spots in Miami to explore too. You don’t just have to eat in the tourist spots and overload on french fries.

The Atmosphere

And finally, you’ve got the vibrant atmosphere across the states to lure you over too. In California, you’ve got the happy and healthy lifestyle that feels so good to be around. And in Florida, there’s the laid-back approach. Both are exactly what you want to be surrounded by on holiday!


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