Using Inspiration To Build Your Personal Style

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For those who want to use fashion with intent, it can take a lot of time and effort to build a personal sense of style. If you plan a career in the fashion industry, then you really have to learn the basics and have an eye for the latest trends, that way you will be prepared for an executive fashion recruitment

Finding a little inspiration can go a long way in contributing to a look that’s entirely you. Here, we’re going to look at how you go about gathering your influences and pulling inspiration from all over.

Know your body shape

The first and best place to get inspiration is with what you already got: your body. Plenty of women believe that certain kinds of clothing work best on different body shapes. While you may disagree with limiting your choices, at least you can make use of their wisdom to help make your outfits all the more impactful when you wear them.

For instance, pear or hourglass shaped ladies might want to accentuate their hips by using a belt to cinch layers above their waist. We all have different bodily strengths we want to show off and “weak points” we don’t want to bring quite as far forward into the limelight. Know your body shape and it can be much easier to do just that.

Find your palette

Similarly, you don’t have to be limited by tips from sites like that recommend different fashion colour options based on your skin tone, your eye colour, or your hair colour. You are free to contrast and combine colours as you please. However, having a personal palette can make it a lot easier to find new pieces that look great on you and to define your own personal look.

Using your natural colour scheme as a jumping off point simply makes it a lot easier to experiment with palettes that are more likely to work, first. Finding out whether you’re a “warm” or a “cool” tone can be especially helpful in choosing that clothes that don’t jar with your natural appearance.

Build your basics

There is nothing super original or personal about a white tee, a pair of jeans, or a leather jacket. However, that’s not what building a wardrobe of staples is really all about. Instead, it’s about putting together the basic building blocks of fashion sense. Your staples are easy to throw on when you don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort. However, they are also your go-to items when you want to go shopping.

Their ubiquity and stylishness allow you to use them as a base by which to compare and contrast different items you find. They serve as the canvas that you can build new outfits on, seeing how certain pieces look in context.

If you like designer clothing as much as I do, then you will try to have at least a few basic items as a staple in your wardrobe. I always try to match a few of my outfits with my daughter’s outfits and for that, I found the perfect solution, junior designer clothing! We all know how picky little girls can be, but I was lucky enough to find a lot of lovely pieces that she adores and she wears with pleasure.

Nail your go-to hairstyle

Knowing your body and your natural palette can help you look good in just about any outfit, so long as you know what to do with it. The exact same goes for your hair. If you want a personal sense of style, then it only makes sense to get more personal with your hairstyle, too.

Sites like provide tons of inspiration, helping you find a style that’s right for you depending on what length you prefer your hair, what kind of look you’re aiming for, and much more. The idea of signatures is a basic one in completing your own original look. Rather than making a signature out of any clothing items, however, your signature piece could just as easily be your own hair.

Turning icons into muses

Just because you’re original doesn’t mean that all your ideas come from a void. Everyone’s fashion is inspired by someone else. That’s as true for the designers behind the catwalk as it is for you. You can find inspiration from celebrities, TVs, movies, and just about anywhere. Find a few icons to turn into your muses. Take the time to sit down and really think about what it is you like in their style choices.

Take notes on the outfits that appeal to you most and what they’re wearing. You may not have the budget to match the average celebrity, but you can keep your eyes out and find clothes with a very close likeness if you’re watching closely.

Pin your favourites

The internet is a fantastic source of fashion inspiration. Not only are there tons of blogs worth following and tips worth scouring, but it can also act as a curation tool that allows you pull and pin inspiration from hundreds of different sources, all contributing to your own personal style. Pinterest will become your best friend in fashion.

Use sites like to find bloggers and fashion influencers whose tastes you enjoy. Sign up to Pinterest and install the extension/plugin into your browser. Then start pinning images every time that blogger/site posts something that catches your eye. Start creating mood boards and pin boards for different looks or outfits you want to master. The more inspiration you curate from different sources, the more original and personal your final outfits are going to be.

Know your signature pieces

We did mention how your hair can easily be your signature piece, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t also find some other ones. In the majority of cases, the pieces are accessories. Having a signature jacket or dress is perfectly possible, but you might find it limits your options a little too much. A pendant necklace or a hat might have a lot more crossover potential between different outfits. It doesn’t have to be something super big, either. You can choose something as small as a ring or a bracelet, something that ensures an outfit remains firmly “you” as you incorporate it across a range of different styles and looks.

As Pablo Picasso said: “good artists copy, great artists steal.” You can still have a great, original look that’s informed by other sources of inspiration. It’s all about finding the elements you want to take and incorporating them into something much more personal.

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