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How to give your home a fresh look this summer

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I don’t know about you, but I like to change my home interior from time to time. I know you might think that I am crazy, but I love to give my house a fresh look once in a while and I strongly suggest you should try it too!

First of all, I have to say that if you really want a complete makeover, then hiring a company that offers property refurbishment services would be the right choice.

Second of all, ¬†you might think that changing the way your home looks might cost a lot, but it won’t. Just take a look at the tips that I have for your and I can guarantee that you will have a fresh looking home that you will enjoy in no time!

Start with a big de-clutter

You won’t believe the things we gather in time, I’m telling you! I’m shocked every single time that I de-clutter and even though I always say I won’t do it again, I find myself falling into the same pattern every time.

What can I say, I love to collect pretty things! Leaving the joke aside, when a room is cluttered, it looks much smaller than it actually is, plus it looks bad too. So by throwing out everything that you don’t use, you’re making yourself a big favour.

Tip: I always say that if I didn’t use a thing in more than 8 months, then I probably don’t need it at all, so I throw it away. That doesn’t mean you should throw away good stuff that you may use in time, but you can be more selective about the objects which surround you.

Give your walls a fresh look

Now, I’m a little bit obsessed with this subject. I’m always looking for new trends when it comes to wall colour, but in time I’ve learned that a simple white is more than enough to give your home that airy and sophisticated look.

Nothing too fancy, just the simple white that we all know. By painting your walls in a lighter colour, you make the room look bigger, brighter and it’s like a white canvas. You can decorate it with colourful accessories that will bring the room to life. Be careful and don’t overdo!

Lighting is the key

It’s no secret that a great light fixture or lamp can improve the entire look of a room. Lighting is an integral part of good home decorating that can set certain moods. Cleverly placed lights can draw attention to a favourite piece of artwork, or be repositioned to give the room an entirely new look.

Because I work from home and I spend most of my time online, I also enjoy shopping online also. That’s how I came across Zurleys and fell in love with their wide range of products. On their website, you can also find a lot of amazing furniture pieces and modern decorations that will add that special touch to your home.

You can check them out and I am pretty sure that you will find something that will suit your home and taste.

Choose the right accessories

It’s the small details that make all the difference, so don’t be afraid to decorate your home with your favourite things. Add family photos in lovely frames, add some coloured pillowcases to bring the room to life.

Fresh flowers in colourful vases, or some bigger green plants that will make you feel that you brought the outdoors inside. Everything is possible but, again, be careful and don’t overdo! Otherwise, your home will look cluttered again and you don’t want that.

These are just a few tips that help me to bring my home to life from time to time. If you have any other tips for me, don’t be shy and share them in the comment section below.

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