Is money important in a relationship?


“All you need is love, all you need is love. All you need is love, love, love is all you need” says an old Beatles song, but is that true? I wish it was! Relationships can be pretty complicated, even if you find someone that you have a lot of things in common with, that shares your vision and your passion, there are still plenty of things that each need to work on in order for a relationship to be successful.

When you’re imagining the perfect relationship (if that would exist), you imagine being able to talk about anything with your partner openly, without having any problems, but studies have shown that even though money plays such a key role in our daily lives, it’s one of the most taboo subjects in conversation.

It’s no secret that the money subject can bring a lot of stress and maybe even fights in a relationship because it’s a very personal matter. That’s why talking to someone, even your loved one about this can make you feel uncomfortable and make you want to skip the whole conversation.

You don’t have to do that if you want your relationship to succeed! A good communication is key and if you address this subject from the early days, you can be sure you won’t have problems in the future. Here are some money-related topics that you can address right from the start, so you can be sure that you’re starting this relationship on the right foot.

Who pays for dates?

Men have always been seen as the ones that have to provide for their family so in the old days this question had only one answer. These days things have changed. In most cases, men still pay for the first dates, but that is not a rule. Will you go dutch, trade off who pays, or share equally except for special occasions when you decide to treat each other? You don’t have to discuss all these things in detail, you can decide this on the spot, but it’s important that you talk about them and avoid any future resentments.

Shepherds Friendly teamed up with Dr Becky Spelman to find out how money impacts relationships. You should definitely take a look because the results were quite interesting.

Talk openly about your financial status

It is extremely important, to be honest with each other right from the start. Of course, you don’t have to talk about your financial status from the first date, but having a general chat about how much you each save can bring a surprisingly sweet element of transparency to your relationship.

If you or your partner have any debts, it’s important to talk about them from the beginning, especially if you have plans for the future with that person. Don’t be ashamed of the subject, you might even find together solutions to get rid of the financial debts faster than you think. Before getting married, you each should learn about each other’s spending habits, attitudes towards money, expectations, and goals.

Money in marriage

Money is one of the most common causes of divorce. It can be a source of extreme conflict and stress, leading to a lot of unhappiness in marriage. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways, whether that be arguments about each other’s spending habits or the panic that comes with not having enough money leftover at the end of the month to pay the bills.

It is important to discuss your budget together and stick to it no matter what. This does not only make it easier for you to track down your expenses, but it will also bring you two together.

So, now the question remains, is money more important than love in a relationship? The answer is no, but it’s an important part that should not be neglected. Both love and money are important because they are different things that will make your life worth living.

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