Summer Fun on a Budget

summer fun on a budget

We all want to have fun in summer, the weather is great, the days are longer and possibilities are endless, but what happens when you are on a tight budget? Do you lock yourself inside your home and stay there? Of course not!

First of all, I think it’s important to know that you’re not the only one who is struggling¬†financially. When I had financial problems, I was thinking I was the only one who doesn’t know how to take care of her budget, it helped me to know that I was not.

Now, about fun summer activities, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of activities that you can do even if you’re on a tight budget and I will give you a hand by letting you know which ones they are. Second, I will also give you a few tips that helped me take better care of my finances and how I ended up saving money rather than spending them this summer.

Search for free activities in your community

It’s summertime and almost every community¬†had fun activities on their agenda. You can take your friends and have a fun day out. You’ll not only have fun, but you will also meet new people, so win-win!

Spend time in nature

This is not only a fun activity, it’s also a healthy one! There’s nothing better than go for a walk in the park or for a picnic, you can even go and read a book, everything is possible. I remember taking my camera with me and taking pictures. It is proven that spending time outside has multiple benefits to our mind and body, so don’t think about it too much, just enjoy!

Invite your friends over

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a barbecue and what better way to do that, than not with friends? Even if you’re on a budget, you can each bring something to the table and enjoy a nice day!

Now that I’ve given you some suggestions of how you could spend your time this summer, let’s talk finance! I’ve always loved to shop and that brought me problems until I realised it did and I said stop, no more! Since then I made a few changes in my lifestyle that helped me save money instead of spending.

Keep track of your finances

This has to be the most important thing that you should do. Keeping track of your finances helps you see how much you spend each month on bills and on shopping. This way you can see where you overspend and how much you can save.

Give up unnecessary things

If you’ll write down how much you spend each day on things that are unnecessary, you’ll be surprised. Think about going to the coffee shop on your lunch break every day, having lunch at the restaurant, going every day with the car to work or for short rides. Yes, you guessed it! All these things cost a lot of money, money that can be saved for something unexpected or more important, like a holiday!

Try to make your own lunch from home, your own coffee, you’ll be surprised of how much you will save and you’ll body will thank you too. Take the bus to work, or walk if it’s possible, that way you can save and work out at the same time.

If you like shopping, like me, try to have patience and shop when the big sale period starts. I know it takes time, but have you seen the prices that some items which are on sale have? It’s totally worth the wait!

If you really encounter an unexpected situation and you don’t have enough money saved you, don’t despair! There are plenty of solutions, you can see here more about the matter.

I went through plenty of summers on a budget but I followed the tips that I gave you today and I have amazing memories of that time. So go out, have fun and enjoy this great season!


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