How prices have changed over the years


Many people have the feeling that even if they work full time, they simply don’t earn the necessary income to live the lives that they want. Even when it comes to basic essentials, such as food, rent, car payments, tuition fees, it can often seem that a pond today is not as valuable. In fact, prices have increased considerably year after year, giving the pond much less buying power than it had 20 years ago.

I recently read an article about how prices have changed over the years and I have to say that I was really surprised by their findings. Why surprised? Because, when you usually think about how prices have changed over the years, you expect them to rise and I was surprised that some of the prices are actually lower than they were in the past. Pretty interesting, right? I thought so too!

I’m not usually into finance and even though I sometimes mention that I find today’s prices insane, I don’t wonder very much how prices have changed because I think I will get depressed. Just look at real estates. Before buying a house was much easier and cheaper than today. My parents, for example, paid a lot less for a home that is way bigger than mine and that even today, has a bigger resale value.

The people that rent a house did not escape, because rents are also much higher than they were in the past. Education is another field where prices have gone up significantly. Now, with all these prices, you’re probably wondering which prices are lower.


I guess McDonald’s doesn’t need any introduction. We all know it and we all love it, especially the kids. According to the research, the famous cheeseburger is cheaper now than it was in 1960. Interesting, right? To be honest with you, every time that we go there, I always think that prices are higher, so I am very happy that I read this article and I know how things really are.

Buying a TV

Yes, you read it well. Buying a TV today is much cheaper than it was in 1960. Actually, in that period the TV was the most expensive and the most basic, I must add. Nowadays, a TV has endless entretaining options, most of them are even connected to the Internet and they are cheaper, so I guess we should be grateful for the advanced technology.


Here things have developed so much over the years. It feels like yesterday I was listening to my favorite album on my walkman and my daughter listens to music with wireless headphones.The prices stay low thanks to the mass production of this kind of technology, whereas earlier iterations would have been much more in demand and produced in much lower quantities.


I am always on the lookout for the newest model of phones and let me tell you that these things are not cheap but accourding to the statistics, they are cheaper than in 1980.


Because the flight tickets have become so afordable, it won’t come as a surprise anymore if I tell you that the train tickets are now chaper than before.

I know we don’t live in the past, but it’s also nice to know that the prices that we are paying now for some things are actually lower than they were before. What do you think about this matter? Let me know your opinion in the comment section below.

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