Your Winter Readiness Checklist


In the UK we have often thought that we get pretty mild winters, with rarely any snow. But the past couple of years have shown just how much things are changing. We have seen devastating flooding up and down the country in winter, as well as freezing temperatures and inches upon inches of snow.

As it isn’t something that happens all year round for us, we can be a little reluctant to spend large amounts of money on snow tires, snow plows, and all of that other stuff that could really help (they would be stored away more than they would be used). But there are plenty of things that we can do to make sure that we have a home and family that is all ready for winter. Here are some of the steps to be thinking about:

Check Your Tyres

If you are a driver, then now is the time to be checking your car, especially your tires, before the temperatures drop too much. In icy conditions, the tires need plenty of grip in order to keep control and steer well. So even if your tyres are at the legal limit, they could still need to be checked or replaced. If there are signs of wear and tear on the tires too, that can also make a difference, as in cold temperatures, any cuts could let water in, and that can freeze and crack, leading to more damage if they haven’t been checked.

Emergency List

We all have our phones will us at all times, but if you get stuck somewhere due to snow, ice, or flooding, and the battery runs out on your phone, would you know how to contact people? Because we have our phones, we rarely learn someone’s number anymore. So it can be a good idea to have an emergency contact list for at home as well as out and about and in the car, and so on. It could have family and friends that you’d need to call, as well as breakdown cover number, insurers, schools, plumbers, and anyone else that you might need to call in an emergency. It doesn’t take long to get a list together but it can make such a difference.

Pipes and Stop Tap

Now is the time that the heating is going to be on in the home much more than ever before. So are the pipes in good working order? The pipes could be insulated to help to keep the heat in even more, and that can help to prevent freezing water in the pipes that could lead to damage (why you need a plumber on speed dial just in case)! Another thing is to know where your stop tap is. If there is flooding or a pipe bursts and water leaks, would you know how to switch off your water supply until someone could get there? This is all part of keeping you safe over winter.

Food Storage

There are many memes going around about Brits when they see the smallest amount of snow, and it is funny because that is what people do; run out and buy everything in the supermarket. So having some food in the home, as well as things like bread and milk that can be frozen, is a really good idea.

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