Tips for Decorating Your Child’s Room

If you’re not sure where to start or how to decorate your child’s bedroom best, you’re not alone. In a lot of families, the baby nursery takes a lot of planning and decorating time but there’s often less thought and energy put into decorating the same child’s room as they grow older.

It’s common for baby toys and furniture like diaper disposals, rattles, pull toys and cribs to get removed, but other things often seem to stay around for quite a bit longer than the growing child might wish. For instance, a wallpaper border with prints more suitable for your baby or younger child’s room, may not be as enjoyed by your now older child (or teen?!).

Things become even more difficult when you live in a rented property because in some situations you can’t make the changes that you would want and you’re obliged to settle with what you have. Don’t worry, I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of ways to redecorate your child’s bedroom even if you live in a rented house. Curious? Then read on!


Choose a suitable color for the walls

If your landlord agrees, you can select a new colour to paint the walls, a colour that your child likes. If you have a strong objection to it, though, negotiate with perhaps a lighter version of that colour, or limiting their colour choice to only one wall.

 Mood lighting!

Kids of all ages enjoy mood lighting of one sort or another. Together, select either a night light, a small novelty lamp with a low wattage bulb, or an interesting colored or black light bulb lamp. Other lighting effects kids enjoy include disco lights, statues or flowers with light effects, and glow in the dark items.


Get rid of baby blankets and exchange for favorite cartoon throws or bed covers. When they’re teenagers, they might enjoy more sports or frilly, or even more adult taste bed coverings.

Add a personal touch with accessories

Personalise something for their bureaus or their walls, with their names and/or photographs. Photos can be made into a collage. Engraved names in stones or personalized acrostic poem name prints are fun kid’s room additions.

Acrostic poem name prints make great keepsakes and can be updated every few years. They use the letters of your child’s name to start off self-esteem enhancing phrases that tell about your child’s unique traits, interests and characteristics at that stage of their life.

Comfort Zone

Create a comfort zone area in the room, for cuddling up cozy or reading. Think about using big pillows, plush or inflatable chairs, anything your child might enjoy to sit on and relaxing in. You’ll also want to conveniently have some books placed within their arm’s reach. You might also want to place some music equipment in that area for them to enjoy.

If there’s room, try to add an additional seating space for you to enjoy with them, reading or listening to music with your child, or simply chatting together. If you have a teenager, they’ll likely want to have another seating space for you or their friends to use.

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So, long story short, in order to achieve a perfect kids bedroom without too much effort you have to use a lot of accessories. Pillows, throws, posters, pictures, lights, plants, everything that your child likes. Of course, you have to use them in moderation otherwise the room will get too crowded and that’s not the purpose.

If you have any other decorating tips, don’t hold them for yourself, share them in the comment section below and let’s decorate our kids room the best we can.

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