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Do You Feel Like Your Home is Lacking Something?

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You’ve spent weeks or months redecorating your home– you’ve carefully scoured through paint samples, choose furniture that you love and generally spent a lot of time putting everything together. So why doesn’t it feel ‘finished’? if you’re looking at the room and wondering what it’s lacking, here are a few ideas.

You need more personal touches

Home is where the heart it, your own personal retreat and space in the world. So it should be personal to you, and reflect the things you love. If your home feels unfinished, is it lacking personal touches? Framed photos of family and friends, trinkets from your travels and pieces of art that you and your partner have collected over the years?

Something like a bookcase filled with your favourite novels is not only practical but also personal, it gives guests a feel for who you are and also enables you to be surrounded by the things you love. You don’t have to fill your home with clutter, but there should definitely be some items that are personal to you and reflect you and your life journey.

You need to add some colour, texture and interest

Minimal homes can look beautiful, and neutral colour palettes tend to look very elegant with their clean lines. But there are ways you can add to a minimal or neutral theme without spoiling the look of your room. Add one area of interest, perhaps a gallery wall. It can add interest and personality without having to hang lots of things on all of the walls. Add texture with cushions , throws and shaggy rugs.

Plants are a way to add colour and texture but without being fussy, and can break up a minimal room without bringing in an accent colour. Lighting can be another way to bring in some personality, when the room is a little plainer, you can afford to choose something more interesting to make a statement. It could be a chandelier, an industrial style piece with exposed bulbs or anything in between.

You need to get the lighting and temperature right

Does your home feel cold and a little drafty in the winter? Perhaps it’s hot and stifling in summer. It will never feel truly cosy and homely when the temperature is off. A good air conditioning unit and heating system can help keep the temperature right, but there are other things you can do too. Upvc entrance doors and windows help to keep the heat escaping in winter, but also stop the home from heating up in the sun in the summer. Cavity wall and loft insulation will do the same, and as a bonus your bills will be cheaper too.

You could consider getting a pet

Making your home feel cosy isn’t a good enough reason to get a pet of course- but if you’re ready to invite a furry friend into your life then this is certainly a bonus of it. There’s nothing quite like a snoozing dog or a content cat purring away to evoke a cosy sense of home.

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