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How To Stay Healthy On Holiday


Being healthy is incredibly important for you and your family, and if you’ve worked hard to ensure that everyone eats well and exercises regularly, then it might be a worry for you that when you take your well-earned family holiday, all that good work will be undone.

After all, holidays are all about enjoying yourself and having treats, aren’t they? They’re about stepping away from the usual routine. That can mean problems when it comes to eating well and keeping up with your exercise, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be an issue; there are ways that you can stay healthy on holiday and still enjoy yourself from beginning to end.

Stay In A Villa

One of the problems that you might experience when on holiday is the food served in the accommodation you are staying in. If you’re in a hotel, you have little control over the menu, and although you might be able to choose your meal, that doesn’t mean there will be a healthy choice to pick. Plus, if there is a buffet style service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks at, for example, a poolside bar, it can be tempting to eat far more than you usually would.

So bypass the hotel and opt for a villa when booking a holiday. A villa puts you in complete control of the food you and your family eats, plus you get the other benefits that come with a villa, including your own space and a pool. You can plan your meals and save some money and relax in your own space without limitations of meal times and a set menu. You can find perfect villas for whatever your group size or dynamic online, from Algarve holidays in Portugal to breaks all over Europe.

Stay Active

Holidays are meant to relax you and give you a chance to unwind, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your usual exercise routines. Keeping up with your usual way of keeping fit means that it won’t be such a struggle when you get back home to get back into the normal way of life, plus you can show your children just how important staying healthy really is. Before the weather gets too hot and you want to rest on the beach or by the pool for the day, go for a run in the shade, head to the pool for some lengths, or look around for a drop in class to enjoy.

You might even find that there are some fun adventures you can go on that will keep you fit too. Climbing up a (small) mountain, trekking through the forests, swimming under a waterfall, and much more besides could be on offer.

Drink Water

Something that is massively important when it comes to staying fit and healthy on holiday is to keep drinking water. This is especially important when you are staying somewhere hot, as you don’t want to be so relaxed that you forget to drink and then become dehydrated and unwell, unable to enjoy the rest of your holiday. Keep a drink with you at all times and sip on it throughout the day, and make sure that your family are doing the same. Children can become excited on holiday, and the last thing they will remember to do is drink their water, so it’s down to you to remind them to take some sips.


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